Actor Showreels London


The showreel is possibly the most important tool an actor can have under their belt. Like with a headshot, interested parties can connect with you visually, but in addition they get solid proof of your acting ability. A two minute showreel gives an amazing opportunity to show your skill and your range.

You can provide the script you want to work from, or you can even just give an outline and we'll think out and suggest the rest. You can also supply any existing footage you have for editing. The result will be a high quality professional showreel.

Shots and Reels works with a number of experienced London based actors. For your showreel you can choose to work with scene partners provided, or nominate your own. All footage is shot with Canon EOS DSLRs, using a range of modern and classic lenses to create cinematographic images.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs. Consultation is free, and a quote will be given for the service based on an estimate of the time and number of crew/cast required.