Shots & Reels Headshots London is the creation of professional photographer Sam Conway. After starting SLR photography whilst posted on a job in Brazil in 2001, Sam later followed a passion for film making and most recently acting, before specialising in headshot photography.  Shots and Reels offers professional headshots to actors in London as well as showreel editing and production.

As well as having the skills, experience and resources necessary to deliver top quality headshots, Sam enjoys working with the actors he shoots to capture headshots that get jobs. Please see the results for yourself by visiting the Shots & Reels Gallery.

Sam is also a founding member of the Yehinski theatre and film company and Pah Moo Chi, and a member of Shapeshifters Ink theatre company.

In 2013 Sam embarked on an ambitious film project in association with Flaming Poppy Productions, involving directing 9 shorts together with Dannie-Lu Carr.

Shots & Reels Headshots London is based in Dalston, London, UK.